Saturday, December 20, 2008

Scones and Snow


So, today it snowed. And I made scones. And they were fabulous. The fact of the matter is that the success of the scones rests entirely upon the shoulders of a dear friend of mine: Angel. On our way home from the Pike Place Market as the snow began to drift down from the fluffy clouds, Angel said, "You know what else is fluffy and delicious, much like the snow clouds? Whipping cream when whipped. Freshly whipped. And I have strong wrists. This means that I can whip the whipping cream until it is whipped."

"Genius, Angel!" I responded. And off we went on an adventure. The result was the perfect compliment to a snowstorm.

Now you get the dull part, which is just the recipe. I adapted it from here and added a little kick of cinnamon and ginger.

{+} Scones Recipe

Now, this is where it's handy to have a partner. While one of you is sconesin' (and you are both jonesin' for some sconage) the other should make the whipped whipping cream.

{+} Whipped Whipping Cream!

{+} Honey Ginger Drizzle

Top a scone with a dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of the honey-ginger drizzle. Accompany with a cup of warm coffee (with its own touch of heavy cream if you are feeling decadent).


Signing off,
El Gran Caballero Don Pedro del Toro

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mama's Sweet Rolls

I guess this is the format that the posts are in then. Great. So I've unfortunately left the recipe at home (I'm at work, duh) and yeah I'll just tantalize your taste buds with some pics. Apparently my great grandmother made these rolls and good old uncle Tony introduced them to me Easter 2007? Anyway, the rolls themselves are made up of
6 cups all purposed unbleached flour (I used bleached and they were still delicious)
a lot of butter (all told at least 2 sticks)
2 packets yeast
some brown sugar
2 eggs

I'll add recipe steps later. There is also a delicious brown sugar + butter topping that really puts these rolls over the top. The topping consists of
1 cup brown sugar
a stick of butter
1 tbsp karo syrup

(I will double check and confirm what the recipe calls for later)

Well, as I said this is mainly to show off how the rolls came out and to hope that all who tasted can vouch for their deliciousness (even when they were a couple days old). They really are best about 3-5 minutes after you put the topping on. They're still warm and the spirals just pull apart. Trust me, they're really damn good.

Before baking and topping:

After baking and topping:

Check out my other post to read up on no-knead bread progress.

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